About Us

This B2B Management consulting practice specializes in two areas:

  • Expansion out of the well understood core business.
  • Improving operational efficiency through strategic alignment.

We are not just consultants – we’ve also walked the walk in organizations large and small. We are focused on delivering practical, clear, and effective advice based on analysis that causes people to change how they think, and how they work each day. We help clients improve their business processes, and then we fade into the background, leaving behind a more capable client team to drive growth. We consider getting buy-in from all stakeholders essential.

Our Sales Optimization service improves Sales results by aligning Sales activity to the firm strategy. This service is based on analysis of the Sales data, of the market, and of the competition. As the client team learns to focus on the right targets and stops chasing every opportunity indiscriminately, revenue per person improves and so do margins.

We can design and support implementation of a new product development process with Stages and Gates to align NPD to the company strategy and focus resources on the projects with the highest expected return on investment.

Outside of the core business, we help companies find and pursue new avenues of growth through new markets and with new products. Many of our clients are B2B companies with highly technical products and services. We perform custom Market Research to deliver the kind of specific and relevant information not included in published market reports. What we deliver is rooted in experience entering new markets and bringing new products to market. Our recommendations are practical and adapted to the client’s specific circumstances.

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