3 Easy Steps to Qualifying an Expert in Any Subject

How do you know that someone has the right expertise for your situation if you don’t know their field? When I do market research to help a company find new markets, I need to quickly find the experts with the right knowledge. This kind of market research is tricky:...

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4 Reasons to Hire a Consultant

All organizations have projects they have trouble getting to. A look at the true reasons for these delays suggests a way to get the project “unstuck”. Most often, these projects are outside of the daily flow of activity and require nonexistent expertise or a decision...

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How to Transition from Custom Engineering to Standard Products

Going from custom engineering to developing standard products is scary and requires changes to the way the company does business. If this is the first time your organization considers developing a standard product to be sold to multiple as yet unknown customers, product design is likely getting the lion’s share of attention. Here are some tips to increase your chances of financial success by looking at the process from a companywide perspective. read more

A Solution for the Recruiting Dilemma of Small Town Companies

Recruiting executives and professionals into small town companies is a challenge. Even if the company is prepared to pay generous relocation costs (A good package might cost $70,000 to $100,000), the candidate may not be able to make the relocation fit the rest of his or her life. The reason is obvious. The recruiting process treats employees as if they were isolated entities. Nothing could be further from reality. They are connected to networks of individuals and their networks: spouses, children, older parents, siblings, friends, communities… who are affected by their professional choices. read more

Why Does Company Growth Stall around $15 Million?

It’s all about leadership! Or rather, the ability of the leader to transition from a task oriented style to distributed leadership. If the leader can switch from holding knowledge in his head and giving all the orders to working with an executive team where each executive knows more about his subject and shares in the leadership, then the business can continue to grow. read more